Aedion Ashryver is Aelin Galathynius's maternal cousin. He served as a general in Adarlan's military before reuniting with his cousin and joining her court.


Aedion is tall, heavily muscled, and handsome, with a tanned complexion from years in the snow-bright mountains of Terrasen. He has long, golden blonde hair and turquoise eyes ringed with gold, common for members of House Ashryver.

In Heir of Fire, Chaol states that Aedion and Aelin could have been twins, since both of them shared the same golden-blond hair and Ashryver eyes.


Aedion has Aelin's snarky, sarcastic attitude and her self-confidence. He is unfailingly loyal, willing to die for his queen and even besmirch his own name for the good of Terrasen. Over the last few years, he has come to enjoy lavish parties and become licentious to the point where it makes Dorian look like a celibate. However in Heir of Fire, it was revealed that he held such parties to distract people from his true motives of working with the rebel movement.

Aedion is pansexual, revealing to Lysandra that he is attracted to people regardless of gender.


Early Years

Aedion's mother, Evalin's cousin, was Gavriel's lover until he was forced to leave because of the blood oath he had taken to Maeve, which compelled him to obey her commands whether he wanted to or not. Fearing that Maeve would discover Aedion's parentage and use that knowledge to exploit him, she never shared with Aedion the identity of his father.

After his mother's death, Aedion was raised in the Galathynius household in Orynth. He and his maternal cousin, Aelin, were very close friends growing up. He trained to be her guardian, and he planned to take the blood oath to her when she ascended to the throne.

The two of them first encountered Dorian Havilliard as children, before the conquest of Terrasen and war with Wendlyn. Aedion taught Dorian a lesson after the latter spilled tea on Aelin's dress.

Aedion was in Orynth at the time of the slaughter, and thus escaped the fate of his aunt and uncle. Even though he was not at fault for his family members' deaths, Aedion blamed himself for many years, thinking that he should have rode to the countryside estate where they were staying as soon as news of Orlon's assassination broke. From that time onward, Aedion strove to rise in the ranks of Adarlan's army in order to reclaim the Sword of Orynth and gain a position of power that would help him avenge his family. He and the Bane, his squadron, won their first battle when Aedion was eighteen; the King of Adarlan offered him a reward, and he requested the sword.

As a general, Aedion frequently staged battles and exaggerated body counts to aid the rebels in the Staghorn Mountains. He eventually was reunited with Ren Allsbrook and Ren's grandfather, Murtaugh Allsbrook, both of whom he had believed to be dead. At this point, he began working with the rebels in Rifthold.

Crown of Midnight

Dorian mentions Aedion as the heir of the Wendlyn bloodline, and one of the fiercest generals of the King of Adarlan, commonly called the Wolf of the North.

Heir of Fire

Aedion makes his first physical appearance in Heir of Fire. He approaches the King of Adarlan, who snaps that the general's arrival is a month overdue. Aedion astonishes their audience by casually dismissing his tardiness, blaming a winter storm. When the King inquires where the Bane is, Aedion informs him that they will arrive within a week. Aedion informs the King that he comes bearing gifts, but as the pages enter the room with the satchels, the King orders them to take the packages up to his chambers to avoid offending other people before ordering Aedion to attend a war council the following day. Chaol notices the black ring on Aedion's finger and believes that the general is under the thrall of the King by Valg possession.

Aedion joins Chaol and Dorian at their table. He snidely compliments Chaol's scar and taunts him, then expresses interest in meeting the King's Champion. After getting a rise out of Chaol, he moves on to discuss the killing of Baba Yellowlegs.

Much to Dorian's displeasure, the King orders the prince to keep Aedion company for the afternoon. Aedion rejects Dorian's suggestions, insisting on walking through the garden. He hums inappropriate songs and eyes some women; when the guards aren't looking, he trips Dorian, sending the prince sprawling into a rosebush.

Queen of Shadows

At the start of Queen of Shadows Aedion is imprisoned by the King of Adarlan and is scheduled to be executed on Dorians birthday. Aedion rescued by Aelin but not before being injured. Aedion and Aelin share a heartfelt reunion and Aedion is surprised to find that Aelin does not judge him for the what he did during the 10 years they were separated. Aedion soon meets both Lysandre and Rowan and seems to be very territorial towards Aelin when he is around Rowan.

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Empire of Storms

More to be added.


Aelin Galathynius

Aedion cares very much for his cousin and was often called her best friend, as other children in the castle were scared of her magic.


He and Lysandra meet in Queen of Shadows and he comes to care for her very much to the point of saying that one day he'll marry her during Empire of Storms.


Gavriel is Aedion's father. Aedion first finds out that Gavriel sired him during Queen of Shadows. They meet during Empire of Storms, they have a very strained relationship at first, Aedion blaming his mother's death on him. Their relationship improves towards the end of Empire of Storms.


  • Aedion is bisexual.

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