Arobynn Hamel was the King of Assassins in the Northern Continent and the head of the Assassin's Guild, whose headquarters are located at the Assassin's Keep in Rifthold.



Arobynn is described as a tall, muscular and handsome man with long auburn hair and grey eyes that often appeared silver.


Arobynn Hamel seems to be a strict and unforgiving mentor from Celaena's descriptions in Throne of Glass. Because Celaena's swordsmanship was lacking in her left hand, Arobynn gave her a choice to either break her right hand or have him break it for her. Celaena chose the former.

Arobynn is also very cunning, manipulative and possessive, as he made Celaena pay back all the money he spent on her training and had her sent to Endovier rather than let her escape with Sam Cortland.

Despite his harsh training methods, he is shown to have a "kinder" side, as Arobynn takes Celaena in to the Assassin's Guild after she sought refuge there. In Queen of Shadows, it is implied that he loves Celaena romantically when he kissed her neck and ordered her to tell him she loves him under the Valg ring. However, that side doesn't appear very much and the readers usually see the hard, cold and brutal side of him.


Early Life

Not much is known about Arobynn's early history other than having an estate in Terrasen near a river 10 years ago.

The Assassin's Blade

The Assassin and the Pirate Lord

Arobynn makes his first appearence in the series in the first chapter of the first novella of the series. He convenes his assassins in a meeting to notify them of the death of his second-in-command, Ben. Arobynn, although clearly disconcerted about the death of one of his assassins, maintains a cool demeanor. He prevents Sam Cortland and Celaena from attacking each other during the meeting and has them - a few months later - meet with the pirate lord for reparations for the death of Ben. In the meeting, Sam and Celaena discover that Arobynn arranged a slave trade with Rolfe, the leading pirate lord.  

Queen of Shadows

Arobynn conspires with Aelin to rescue her cousin Aedion Ashryver in return that she deliver him a Valg demon to study.

However, he later betrays her, putting a (unbeknownst to him) fake Wyrdstone ring on Aelin's finger, in an attempt to use her to take control of Terrasen. He sends her away and is later killed by Lysandra in his sleep, as Aelin realises he can't be trusted.

Empire of Storms

Arobynn is later seen in a flashback from Elena, in which he is shown waking from his sleep due to Elena's compulsion and riding to find Aelin. He finds her, picks her up and rides home.


  • Before moving his residence to Rifthold, Arobynn resided in his Keep on the border between Adarlan and Terrasen.[1]


  1. Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas: Chapter 5, pg. 29

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