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[Ashryver Galathynius|Aelin] (ay-lin) Ashryver (ash-river) Galathynius (gal-uh-theen-ee-us) / [Sardothien|Celaena] (sell-lay-nah) Sardothien (sar-doth-ee-n) - She is the main protagonist of the story. She has golden blond hair, pale skin, and turquoise eyes ringed with gold around the pupil. She is Adarlan's Assassin and is later called "The King's Champion" at the end of [of Glass|Throne of Glass]. Her master was [Hamel|Arobynn Hamel], the King of Assassins. She trained with Arobynn since she was 8 years old. He found her half frozen and half dead on the bank of a river. By the time she was 16 she was the most notorious assassin. At the end of The Assassin's Blade she was sent to [[1]], a slave labor camp; most don't survive a month but she survived an entire year. At the end of [of Midnight|Crown of Midnight], you find out that her real name is Aelin Galathynius, and that she has very powerful fire magic.

[Cortland|Sam Cortland] - He is mentioned throughout the books, but is only in The Assassin's Blade, a prequel book to the Throne of Glass book. He was Celaena's rival; he did not like her because Arobynn had chosen her to be his protégé. Later it is revealed he was in love with Celaena for years. They were only in a real relationship a month before he was brutally tortured and then killed by a man named Rourke Farran. 

[Havilliard|Dorian] (door-ee-n) Havilliard (have-ill-yard) - He is the Crown Prince of Adarlan. He has black hair and bright sapphire eyes. He has been best friends with [Westfall|Chaol Westfall] since they were small children; they grew up together. Dorian chooses Celaena to be his Champion in the first book. He later begins to develop feelings for her, but their relationship never takes off.

[Westfall|Chaol] (kay-all) Westfall (west-fall) - The Captain of the Guard for the Kings' Royal Guard. He did not trust or like Celaena at the beginning, but later started to trust her and fall for her. They were in a relationship for the first part of [of Midnight|Crown of Midnight] until he accidentally betrays Celaena's trust, where she later attempts to kill him. He now bears 3 fingernail marks on his cheek.

[Ytger|Nehemia] (neh-heem-ee-ah) Ytger (yet-gerre) - She is the Princess of [[2]] (eel-way), and called the "Light of Eyllwe". She became Celaena's closest friend not to long after she got to Adarlan. She knew Celaena as Lillian Gordaina. In Throne of Glass she names Celaena Elentiya, "Spirit That Could Not Be Broken". In [of Midnight|Crown of Midnight] she sacrifices herself so that Celaena will try to make a difference in the world.

[Ashryver|Aedion] (ay-dee-n) Ashryver - He is [Ashryver Galathynius|Aelin Galathynius]' cousin. He was formerly working for the King of Adarlan and commands a legion called The Bane, where he was called the Wolf. He and Aelin have had a deep connection since they were children. Aedion would do anything for her. His role starts in [of Fire|Heir of Fire].

[Blackbeak|Manon] (mah-non) Blackbeak - Infamous Irontooth witch, heir to the Blackbeak coven and leader of [Thirteen|The Thirteen], she's over a hundred years old. Manon is one of the most beautiful women alive, hair the color of moonlight, and eyes of molten gold. She earned her title as Wing Leader in the (former) King of Adarlan's aerial cavalry. The witches ride wyverns that the King created with [[3]] (things of great power). She is also one of the very few Irontooth witches who feels compassion. Her role starts in [of Fire|Heir of Fire].

[Blackbeak|Asterin] (ass- turrin) Blackbeak - Second in command of [Thirteen|the Thirteen], she is Manon's fiery cousin. Asterin is over a hundred years old. She has bright blond hair and black, gold flecked eyes. She is the only other Irontooth witch besides Manon that is known to have compassion. When she was younger, she fell in love with a human man and she got pregnant with a witchling (witches can only produce female children). The baby was dead at birth and the Matron Mother found out (losing a witchling is like the greatest dishonor that an Irontooth witch could do). The Matron Mother branded the words," UNCLEAN", on Asterins' stomach, so that no man would ever lie with her again. She couldn't face him after that, and in the years until he died, she often flew over his small farm to see him. Her role starts in [of Fire|Heir of Fire], book 3.

[Faliq|Nesryn] (nez-rin) Faliq (fa-leek) - She is an immigrant whose father owns a famous bakery in [[4]]. She's a former city guard of Adarlan and was a rebel until the end of the 4th book. Nesryn is currently the Captain of the Guard in [Havilliard|Dorian's] new kingdom. Her role starts in [of Fire|Heir of Fire].

[Lochan|Elide] (ee-lie-d) Lochan (lock-in) - She is Lady Marion's daughter and the rightful lady of Perranth. Her mother was killed protecting princess Aelin and her father was executed, and she was left with her abusive uncle, Vernon Lochan, who kept Elide locked in a tower and then chained in Morath for his own interest. Her role starts in [of Fire|Heir of Fire].

[[5]] (li-san-druh) - She is a shape-shifter and former courtesan at Madame Clarisse's brothel. Arobynn Hamel had once used her to make Aelin jealous and make them compete for his attention; although Aelin was his favorite.

[Rompier|Kaltain] (cal-tane) Rompier (rom-pee-ay) - Lady Kaltain is a courtier from a small town on the other side of Adarlan called Bellhaven, she was invited to the Glass Castle by [Perrington|Duke Perrington]; an evil man who she had thought wanted her as a bride. During her stay at the Glass Castle, she longed to be with [Havilliard|the Prince], but he did not return her feelings. At the end of [of Glass|Throne of Glass], Kaltain was tricked by [Perrington|Duke Perrington] into poisoning Celaena before her fight with Cane to become the King's Champion. Kaltain was found and put in the dungeons immediately. She possesses magic called Shadowfire and blows up a third of and evil mountain city called Morath; she dies in the process of her fiery explosion.

[Whitethorn|Rowan Whitethorn] - Rowan is a Fae warrior and a Prince who [Sardothien|Celaena] meets in [of Fire|Heir of Fire] (the third book). His animal form is a White-Tailed Hawk, and he has wind magic. He did not initially get on well with Celaena, but they eventually become friends, then lovers. He is over three hundred years old. He and Celaena are carranam (which means that they can share their magic) and mates. His role starts in [of Fire|Heir of Fire].

Evangeline- A little girl owned by [[6]]. She was supposed to be training as a courtesan, but Lysandra scared her face so that she won’t be destined the same fate as she. As retaliation, Clarisse sold her to Lysandra. Evangeline isn’t a significant character, but she helps save Lysandra’s life; which turns into an important bit in the fourth book. Her role starts in [of Shadows|Queen of Shadows].

Fleetfoot- A sleek hound given as a gift from Dorian Havilliard to Aelin. She is first introduced when Dorian is explaining to Aelin that she is soon to be killed because she wasn't a pure breed. Aelin objects and asked Dorian to put her up for adoption. Dorian agrees and later surprises her at Yulemas and gifts it to her. This is when Fleetfoot earns her name. She resided in Aelin's chambers in Throne of Glass and played fetch with Nehemia when she came by. Later, in Queen of Shadows, Aelin leaves Fleetfoot in the care of Lysandra's ward, Evangeline. 




[Hamel|Arobynn] (arrow-behn) Hamel (heh-mel) – He is the King of Assassin's, Aelin's former master. He has auburn hair, and his scent of choice is almonds. He killed Aelin's former lover, Sam, and forced her to kill innocents. He raised the princess of Terrasen to be an assassin, and stole a wyrdkey disguised as a necklace from her when they first met.

[of Adarlan|King of Adarlan] - The tyrant king of Adarlan and also [Havilliard|Dorian’s] father. Possessed by a Valg for a long time. killed by Dorian.

Cain - Cain was another possible Champion competing against [Sardothien|Celaena] in [of Glass|Throne of Glass]. He was used as an experiment for [Perrington|Duke Perrington] and [of Adarlan|the King], and was found to have been killing other competitors to get their strength and speed. At the end of the first book he attempts to kill Celaena after being beaten, but is killed by [Westfall|Chaol] instead.

Blackbeak Matron - She is the High Witch of the Blackbeak Witch Clan and [Blackbeak|Manon's] grandmother.

[Perrington|Duke Perrington] (pear-ing-tuh n) - He is the King of Adarlan's cousin. He is also the host for Erawan the Valg King.

Queen Maeve - She is one of the three Fae sister-queens and is the ruler of [[7]]. She is a dark, malicious queen.

Erawan (air-a-wan) - A Valg King from another world who wants to take over [[8]] (what their continent is called). He escaped his prison and is currently residing in [Perrington|Duke Perrington's] body.



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