House Ashryver



Kings of Wendlyn 
King Glaston Ashryver
Crown Prince Galan Ashryver
Queen Mab (presumably)

The House of Ashryver is the name of Wendlyn's royal family. The current monarch of the kingdom is King Glaston, and his heir is Crown Prince Galan Ashryver. The family's seat is in Varese, the capital city.


Most Ashryvers seem to have rather pale hair (Celaena, Evalin, Aedion) and, (as stated in Crown of Midnight) have turquoise irises, encircled within a ring of gold, which are famous and well known in legend.


The House descends from Queen Mab, one of the three Fae Queens. Most possibly the Ashryvers had been good friends to Terrasen and The House of Galathynius, since both were threatened by the growing power of the Havilliards, and Glaston's sister, Evalin, had been married to king Orlon's nephew--Aelin's father.

Throne of Glass

Wendlyn has been at war with the Empire of Adarlan, perhaps due to the assassination of Glaston's sister, Evalin Galathynius. Dorian's father states, that after conquering the wild West of Erilea, he will pay the Ashryvers for what they done. The whole kingdom is barely mentioned.

Crown of Midnight

As told by Dorian, the heir to the throne is Prince Galan, Aelin's cousin, one of Wendlyn's fiercest warriors, feared by Dorian Havilliard and his father. Aelin is sent to Wendlyn by the captain, Chaol, on a mission to assassinate the royal family of Wendlyn (which she obviously chooses not to complete).

Known Members

By Birth:

  • Glaston Ashryver - Current King of Wendlyn
  • Galan Ashryver - Crown Prince of Wendlyn
  • Aedion Ashryver - Cousin to the ruling bloodline
    Aedion Ashryver
  • Evalin Galathynius * - Glaston's sister, married into House Galathynius
  • Aelin Ashryver Galathynius* - related to the Ashryver's on her maternal side.

By Marriage:

  • Rhoe Galathynius * - married to Evalin Galathynius

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