House Galathynius



A Stag 
Kings of Terrasen (abolished)
Princess Aelin Galathynius Ashryver
Brannon Galathynius 

House of Galathynius is the royal house of Terrasen. The King of Adarlan assassinated its members and conquered Terrasen.

Blood members of House Galathynius possess Fae heritage, which can be traced back to Brannon Galathynius.

Their ancestral weapon is the Sword of Orynth, which is currently possessed by Aedion Ashryver.

The family heirloom is the Amulet of Orynth, previously possessed by Arobynn Hamel after taking it from Aelin's unconscious body when he found her in the frozen river of the manor house. Currently, the Amulet is in Manon Blackbeak's possession, after Aelin Ashryver's gave it to her for safekeeping in the Empire of Storms. She got it from Arobynn in The Queen of Shadows.


House of Galathynius was one of the oldest houses. Brannon Galathynius founded it after fleeing Wendlyn with the Wyrdkeys. Sometime later, Brannon had a daughter, Elena Galathynius, who later fought alongside and then wedded Gavin Havilliard.

The members of the family possessed magical abilities, and had great love for nature, animals, magic and knowledge.

Ten years before Throne of Glass, the King of Adarlan assassinated the members of House Galathynius - Aelin notwithstanding - and abolished Terrasen's monarchy, conquering the country for his empire.

Known Members

By birth:

  • Brannon Galathynius *
  • Elena Galathynius * - queen of Adarlan, a half fae
  • Rhoe Galathynius* - Aelin's father 
  • Orlon Galathynius * - monarch at the time of abolition
  • Aelin Galathynius - heir and future queen of Terrasen

By marriage

  • Brannon's wife - Mala
  • Evalin Ashryver * - Aelin's mother

By further connections:

  • Members of the House of Havilliard (distant relatives, through the marriage of Gavin and Elena)
  • Members of the House of Ashryver (cousins, through the marriage of Rhoe and Evalin).
    • Aedion Ashryver
    • Crown Prince Galan Ashryver of Wendlyn

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