Kaltain Rompier was a Lady of Adarlan and an interest to Duke Perrington due to her strong magical bloodline.


During Throne of Glass Kaltain is described as a strikingly beautiful woman with pale skin and a narrow waist enhanced by tight corsets. She has long raven black hair and sculptured brows above night dark eyes. Her voice was once rich and cultured.

By the events of Queen of Shadows Kaltain’s appeared has changed, she had a black wyrd collar around her moon white throat and no longer wore the extravagant dresses, now wearing a night black dress little more than cobwebs and shadows even in the bitter cold. She is small and painfully thin, bordering on gaunt and covered in too many dark bruises to be accidental and resembled fingerprints and a think scar on her elbow where the Wyrdkey is hidden.


Kaltain was a clever, cunning and extremely ambitious young woman that came to Rifthold with the intention of seducing Prince Dorian and becoming the Queen of Adarlan. She had always believed she was born to be a queen and seeks to better her standing in society and said that while she would easily be able to convince Duke Perrington to make her his Duchess; duchess wasn’t good enough when Dorian was still unmarried.

There is a fierce side to Kaltain’s personality first demonstrated when she was arrested, Perrington claiming to have no knowledge of the poison she fought the guards and swore she would kill them. Then again when she kills the Valg in the collar she was wearing and then uses her shadowfire to burn down a third of Morath in vengeance for what had been done to her, she was a wolf, she was death.

Magical Abilities

Kaltain had fire magic that was suppressed by the King of Adarlan's spell; she remembers the warmth of the golden flames from when she was a child. Duke Perrington managed to alter the nature of her fire by bonding her with a Valg and implanting a Wyrdkey in her arm. This turned her fire to shadow fire, a black fire that burned without any evidence.


Kaltain was born to the incredibly wealthy Rompier family who while they are low born they are rumoured to be richer than the king and come from a line of powerful magic users that seemingly disappeared two generations ago. When she was a child Kaltain possessed fire magic and she remembers the golden fire until it was suppressed by the King’s spell.

During the spring before the series, she happened to meet Duke Perrington and took it as a stroke of luck to manipulate him into inviting her to Rifthold and securing her the position of Lady in Waiting to Queen Georgina.

Throne of Glass

In Throne of Glass, Kaltain is introduced as a vain and vapid courtier that is relentlessly pursuing Dorian and competes with Celaena for his attention. At the end of the novel, she schemes with Perrington in drugging Celaena during her final match with Cain hoping that it will make it easier for Cain to kill her.

Perrington claims that Kaltain drugged Celaena on her own who is then thrown into the dungeons as she screams that she will kill Perrington for what he did to her. As Perrington and the King discussed Kaltain, Perrington confessed that he had been using his power to subtly manipulate Kaltain but the power was taking its toll on the woman, leaving her drained and complaining of headaches; something that Kaltain blamed on her opium addiction.

Crown of Midnight

Kaltain is still in the dungeon during the events of Crown of Midnight with nothing more but a bucket and a pallet of hay. She is half mad from her opium withdrawals and her long confinement, constantly complaining of flapping wings and headaches. The guards are known to turn a blind eye when Duke Perrington visits her. She begins to suspect what Duke Perrington wants her for, not his wife but for something else and tells Celaena that something is coming and she was to greet it. Not long after she is taken away by Perrington under the pretense that he was going to marry her.

Queen of Shadows

During the sequences in Morath, Kaltain is seen to be enslaved to Duke Perrington, who had bonded her with a Valg demon. Manon notes that she appears lifeless, displaying no outward emotions or reactions to her surroundings, calling her a shell and a weapon. Manon even comteplates attacking Perrington just to see Kaltain's reaction.

Kaltain eventually managed to kill the Valg inside her by lulling it into a false sense of security and pouncing on it, burning it away with her shadowfire. Manon and Elide come across her during their escape, and she extracts the Wyrdkey from her arm, telling Elide to give it to Celaena Sardothien as a thank you for a warm cloak in a cold cell. She subsequently destroys much of Morath using her shadowfire, not wanting to live with what has been done to her. She burns herself to ashes in the process.

“She was a wolf. She was death, devourer of worlds.”

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