Nesryn Faliq is a former city guard of Rifthold. She worked with Aelin and the rebels to overthrow the King of Adarlan. After the coup's success, she became the Captain of the Royal Guard.


Nesryn is slender with dark shoulder-length hair. Her eyes are always lightly lined with kohl, even on missions.


Nesryn is cold and unyielding. Aelin once thought that Nesryn could give Rowan a run for his money for her sheer iciness.

She has a strong sense of honor and joined the city guard to protect other foreigners from the discrimination and abuse she experienced as a child.


Nesryn became a city guard because, as a child, she was attacked by other children due to her heritage and none of the city guards helped her while she screamed.

Queen of Shadows

More to be added.


Chaol Westfall

In Queen of Shadows, she and Chaol share an intimate moment before attacking the castle when they go to the sea god's temple and Chaol reaches for her hand. They promise to each other that "once everything is over" they will figure out where "home" is. Chaol seems to officially end his relationship with Aelin and accept her romance with Rowan. He chooses to be with Nesryn, wanting happiness for himself.

Memorable Quotes

"I don't miss." - Queen of Shadows

"Strike the prince, and I'll shoot the general." - Queen of Shadows

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