Blood to blood and soul to soul, together this was done, and only together can it be undone. Be the bridge, be the light. When iron melts, when flowers spring from fields of blood—let the land be witness, and return home.

Manon Blackbeak reciting Rhiannon's curse - Empire of Storms

Rhiannon Crochan was the last Queen of the Crochan Witches, and the one who cursed the Witch Kingdom.


In a flashback in Empire of Storms Rhiannon is seen by Aelin Ashryver Galathynius and Manon Blackbeak, who describe her as a black-haired beauty. She is said to look exactly like Manon, implying that she is very beautiful. Her eye color is never mentioned.


Rhiannon was a very dedicated ruler who fought to protect her people. She was shown to have courage, fighting alongside the Crochans in the Witch Wars instead of staying on the sidelines. She was also shown to have a vengeful side, seen when she cursed the Witch Kingdom as revenge on the Ironteeth Witches.


Millenia before the Witch Wars Rhiannon helped Brannon Galathynius and Elena Havilliard forge the Witch Mirror to contain memories of events to help the future fire-weilding Galathynius heir understand how things came to be. She also helps Mala Fire-Bringer cast her essence into forging The Lock.

She also gave Brannon the metal used to make Mort.

500 years prior to Throne of Glass Rhiannon fights in the war between Crochans and Ironteeth and is killed by Baba Yellowlegs. As she lays dying she mutters a curse that renders the Witch Kingdom uninhabitable by the Ironteeth.

Empire of Storms

Manon and Aelin watch flashbacks from the witch mirror, and see a memory of Rhiannon explain to Brannon and Elena how the mirror works, and how it will contain memories. Aelin notes in surprise that Rhiannon looks exactly like Manon, and Manon simply stares at Rhiannon.

Rhiannon is again seen in another flashback where she gives metal to Brannon, which he uses to forge Mort. They are in the tomb that Brannon is building for Elena and Gavin Havilliard; Rhiannon brushes a hand over Brannon's cheek before she leaves the tomb. She is not present when he hides the second Wyrdkey in Elena's crown.


  • Rhiannon was a very powerful witch, as she was able to cast a curse that lasted long after her death, and help to forge Mala's Lock.

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