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An unnamed Crochan Prince was the father of Manon Blackbeak and the lover of Lothian Blackbeak.


After he and Lothian fell in love, they thought they could break the Crochan curse on the Western Wastes by having a child. After Manon was born, Lothian the Blackbeak Matron killed her. When Mother Blackbeak heard that the Crochan Prince was searching for his lover and child, she tracked him down and killed him - but not before tormenting him by revealing that she had killed his lover and would turn his child into a monster. Thus, Manon did not discover the identity of her father until many years later.

In the Empire of Storms, Manon learns of her heritage after attacking her grandmother, so that her closest friend and Second, Asterin Blackbeak could escape. Her grandmother told her truth about her father, who he was, and how she killed him and her mother. Manon narrowly escapes, and at the end of the book, decides to continue her father's legacy. She also decides to raise a Crochan army as she is the Crochan Queen, to combat Erawan's Ironteeth legions.

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